How To Tell When It's Time To Seek Pain Relief

If you’re dealing with persistent pain, then you know that it can sometimes get the best of you. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know when you should seek pain relief. Suffering from persistent pain isn’t easy. It can be frustrating not knowing what’s causing your pain or if it will clear up on its own.

Below, we’ll share four signs that it’s time to seek pain relief. Contact the Center For Pain Management in Hackensack to learn more about when you should seek pain relief.

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woman laying in bed in pain

Over The Counter Meds No Longer Work

If you’ve been relying on over-the-counter meds to manage your pain and they no longer work, it’s time to seek help. This can be a sign that your pain is worsening or your body is no longer responding to the pain relief provided by your medication.

man holding his wrist in pain

Pain Is Preventing You From Performing Everyday Tasks

Experiencing pain for a length of time can affect more than just your physical body, it can also affect you emotionally, socially, and financially. Additionally, prolonged pain can start to interfere with your daily life. If your pain starts getting in the way of performing everyday tasks, it’s time to see a doctor.

man holding his head in pain

You Have Received a CRPS Diagnosis

Complex regional pain syndrome is a painful condition characterized by continuing regional pain for a length of time. It manifests as extreme pain that can spread throughout the body. If you have received a CRPS diagnosis, you should seek pain relief to manage the condition.

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You Are Undergoing Medical Treatment That Has Caused Pain as a Side Effect

If you are experiencing pain caused by a side effect from undergoing medical treatment, you should speak to your doctor about seeking pain relief. Make sure you talk to your doctor about the side effects you are experiencing from your treatment. It’s important to manage your pain as quickly as you can when undergoing medical treatment.

Prolonged pain can take a toll on more than just your physical health. Persistent pain can cause intense stress on your body. It’s important to seek pain relief if you are struggling to manage your pain. If you need pain relief in Hackensack or the surrounding areas, contact our team at the Center for Pain Management. Our dedicated team of highly skilled staff can help you manage your pain to get you back to living a happy, healthy life.

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